Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The last days...

Over the past few days, I have reflected over the past 4 months of my life I spent living in the UK. Its hard to fathom I will be back in Springfield Illinois in less than one week. This semester abroad is an experience I know I will never forget. All of the people, food and places I have been, its hard to believe it is over.

Today I will go to do a checkout with the accommodation office to make sure I am clear on what I need to do about turning in my keys. I will be heading to London at a time when the office is closed, thus I will need specific instructions. 

As I look at my suit case sitting in my room, bare and silent as the first say I walked, it brings back memories from this trip. I must say, I love studying at this university and I am not ready to go back. Deep inside, I kinda wish I could do this again. I'm going to miss the accents of my professors and peers. The different money I used to pay for things in stores. The 13 digit numbers to call people in Europe. Even the long days I spent doing nothing, just enjoying the fact I am in another part of the world.

I will miss my house.[I have grown attached to it.] I will miss my housemates as well, always talking in German.  Having to walk everywhere for everything. There are many many many things about this place I will miss, even living the life of a poor college student, with no job or income.[ehh... not so much] 

It was fun while it lasted, now the days are very limited. I will continue to pack, wash and clean until it is time to leave. What I will do now is just relax and prepare to go back to the United States. Even when I get back, it will not be the same. 

Although this is the conclusion to my trip, it is the beginning of a new start back home. College is no where near over. I'm still working on my first degree!

Until next time, friends, family, and followers! This is Blake signing out for the last time. I really hope this blog gives you a sneak peak at my time abroad and you enjoyed it! 


[I really like blogging. I think I will keep this going.]

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  1. Blake--
    It was a pleasure to read about all your experiences. Thank you so much for your blog, and when you come back to UIS--welcome home (and enjoy the Popeye's!).
    Marilyn Kok Office of Development UIS